Techquity & Communities of Practice

Hi everyone,  I realized I haven’t posted in quite awhile but last night I got to experience my first ever twitter chat as well as my first Community of Practice event. For those of you who don’t know what community of practice is, it is when people come together either online or in person for the common goal, theme or product. Our topic yesterday was Techquity, Equity in technology.  I found it interesting that  so many of us in the chat had many of the same opinions, but it was also gratifying to see our differences and why we support that opinion.  For example one of the statements made yesterday was “If we want students to learn how to act in the digital  world responsibly and safely, we need to engage them as partners in this endeavor rather than subjects to be acted upon.“- Nicole Mirra-2014 This particular  quote stood out to me. Not only as a soon to be  teacher but as a student, I want my professor’s to treat me like an equal. In a classroom, you are only as good as the student. If you teach your students to be learn how to be responsible, than we need to teach them but treat them like an equal! Stop talking down to them. Be respectful, and responsible, and hold them to the same standards.  However with all of the positive there was some constructive criticism. When you didn’t agree we were asked to explain why or why not, for me I discovered that while I agree with my own opinions, I sometimes forget that my opinions are not always correct, and I need to see the argument from al sides before making a decision. I am truly amazed at how well yesterday went, and I wish there could be more days of collaborative teaching, and talking like there was yesterday. I think a Twitter chat in it self was a learning experience, it is also an amazing way to connect with others in your own classrooms, as well as get opinions from people that in the same community of practice.

Enjoy your Friday, and stay warm,

Amy Toll


Good morning everyone! I hope that everyone has an amazing day weekend.  This week I’m  really happy to talk about my #F5f.
1) I am really excited to have  gotten to see  and meet everyone in my classes. I am excited about connected learning and the possibilities it opens in classrooms
2) I am excited about helping my brother and his fiancé plan their big wedding day.

3) I’m happy to have read this amazing story called the danger of a single story and it truly changed my thinking about literacy and reading.
4) I love getting up every single day and being able to watch the sunrise and set  saying thank God I’m alive to see this amazing city.
5) I am excited to start my new job next week, working with some of the most amazing people I can.

Again, Enjoy your weekend, and be safe in the upcoming weather.

Amy Toll

My bucket list

I know it’s late, or early for some of you, but I found myself not tired and not being able to sleep. I found this book series about this woman who made a bucket list of things in her life she wanted to change, & it truly inspired me.  I have decided to make myself a bucket list and I will make it my life goal to complete it. I am so excited and I really hope I  will be able to follow up with it and blog about it. I think we should all have a bucket list and live in each day.


Happy Friday everyone, I hope everyone has had a successful week. So my #f5f this week is pretty basic.

1) I am so appreciative of my classmates trying to help me with my google hangout issues this week.

2) I am really excited that I get to meet new faces in my online course.

3) I am truly appreciative for the friendly face I have already met in my class.

4) I am happy to find that some people have many of the same interests as I do.

5) I also appreciate the love and the support my family is and has given to me. I couldn’t ask for a better family than the one I already have.

I hope everyone enjoy’s their weekend and has a lot of fun.

My First Blogging Experience

Today I start the second semester of Grad. School. I am excited and nervous, but really Happy. I have two normal classes and One online course. I am nervous about it but I am really hoping to just keep up with my work and push through and persevere like I know I can. I am really excited to take all of my classes, but I am excited to learn about Connected Learning in my Ed.677 Class. I think that in today’s society technology is soon going to be present in each and every classroom. As teachers it is our job to use this technology and make it a learning asset. To teach children that while yes you can all use your phones, computers, and tablets to Tweet the latest celebrity gossip, or Facebook that long lost favorite friend of your’s you can also use technology to learn.

I will keep you posted with what I learn,

Enjoy your evening