Fine 5 Sunday

Hello Everyone, I am 2 days late for my fine 5 friday, so here it goes.

1) I truly appreciate our Twitter chat, It was a first for me but I 100% truly enjoyed our collaborative teaching and working together.

2) I appreciate the leader of this twitter chat @onewheeljoe for all of his support, and his feed back for our comments. Also for his article, in which None of the topics we discussed would have been discussed.

3) I appreciate the feed back from my classmates for this project of #techquity and how we can come together for the purpose of the students.

4) I appreciate that because of this project when I get inside a classroom, I will truly be able to treat my students as equals and give them the respect that they deserve.

5) I also appreciate that without this class I don’t think I could truly appreciate Techquity, or Clequity and be knowledgable of Connected learning at all.


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