Highlighting a teacher Network

As a Student, I do not belong to any teacher networks. However having done some research this is where i do find the most help. I almost always use the Google + networks that i have joined into via the Arcadia  page or the connected learning page, and I almost always use twitter contacts as well .  I also subscribe to the international Reading association and the website Edutopia. I am constantly reading different articles on the site  as well as looking for my next idea. I also read some articles in the NY Times, and in the Philadelphia Inquire.

Enjoy your evening


2 thoughts on “Highlighting a teacher Network

  1. I have really become a fan of Google +…and the funny thing is, I wasn’t aware of its existence until using it for Connected Learning. The circles and communities have been particularly helpful and I’ve been able to grow my Arcadia networks as a result! Have you explored other circles besides Connected Learning?


  2. OmG yes. My circles are my life line. When i struggle in my classes they are my first contact because there is always someone whose been in the class or in the position lol 🙂


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