F5F week 10.

1) I appreciate the gift of patient & understanding teachers.

2) I appreciate the gift of amazing students & teachers that share some really motivating and amazing videos that truly make me think of ways to change and how i can use connected learning, and my passion for reading as a gift to help someone else.

3) I appreciate that shared interests make for more amazing learning experiences and that I can share my shared interests with new people all of the time and meet new people everyday.

4) I appreciate that Spring has Sprung, it’s almost April and the showers have started to bring us those May Flowers. My Tree has little buds on them.

5) I appreciate that through-out this semester i have met many amazing people from many walks of life and they are all pretty amazing.

6) I appreciate YesPhilly and what they are doing for young adults, and the Video Pushouts & Dropouts.

7) I appreciate Joy Kirr’s Passion-Based Learning Video because I am passionate about reading and I want to let me students teach me what they are passionate about.
Enjoy your weekend everyone,


Connected Learning Week 10

Wow, Week 10! It seems like the semester just started and we are already past the half way point. When I started this Journey into connected learning I definitely felt like I was taking these classes to not only get better at teaching computers, but helping my students do better work with technology.  Technology is a friend, not the enemy, and I find as I work with other teachers that are not tech-friendly they decide against using technology in their own classrooms. Heres what I have learned. Technology is an amazing way to connect with each other in so many lessons. I love the fact that in my class I’ve met several people from the many different Writing projects, as well as people who use Games to teach their classroom. ( I just lost the game)!  I am finding that when I was younger and wanted more than anything to just make different things whether it was cooking or baking, or a bead bracelet/ necklace, Now i can use technology and search for different communities of practice. Take for example author Jane Austen. If you type into your Google search box: Jane Austen, there is a Jane Austen Society. You can also search for Jane Austen groups on twitter and Facebook and meet new people that way. I love that technology gives us freedoms to express ourselves as well as connect with amazing people. Connected learning is an amazing tool to have in every school and classroom.


Pushouts & Dropouts in Philadelphia Schools. (response)

Today I was able to sit down and watch this video. To say I was surprised was an understatement. First off, I want to thank Lizzie for sharing this video with us. I feel like these young adults are right. We need to be the adults to help them. As someone studying to be a reading specialist I find that we are responsible for helping these young adults with whatever they need, we need to be the advocate for them.  There is no reason that a high school student should be reading on a 3rd grade level. These young adults want to turn their lives around and we should help them. This video opened my eyes to many problems, but also many solutions to things in the future when I have my own classroom.



Hey Everyone I really really really need to set some reminders for myself to remember to blog. Sorry this is so so so late. Our prompt was: What are you making? And what you noticing about your making? What questions does it raise re: connected learning, equity, and teaching?

I am currently crocheting  a blanket. I have noticed that as I make it, I wonder what it would be like to teach my students an activity. For example, I would love to teach them how to make  potholders, and connect it to making how to videos, I would also love for them to teach each other one thing that they know how to do. I want them to connect to each lesson and take from it that they are able to succeed in each lesson that they are given.  I want to discover how I can teach children to use safe searches in the classroom to locate information for their classes. I want to teach my children #Techquity, #clequity, and teach them to use their connections for a positive outcome in their own futures.

Enjoy your weekend’s

Amy T.

Forgotten s7s

Our prompt this week was our journey in Ed 677 as well as our life and I’d like to take sometime to reflect on that.
1. I am grateful for my  amazing for family pushing me to go back to school. I’m never confident in my ability and they always say the right things to make me more confident in myself.
2. I am actually grateful that I was let go from my last job because if they hadn’t let me go than I wouldn’t have my amazing job and I wouldn’t be back at school.
3. I am grateful to  Arcadia university for making sure  that we have the tools we need to be successful  student’s.
4. I am grateful for my high school English professor for pushing me to read as much as I can, because without her I wouldn’t be where I am today.
5. I am truly grateful to have the most amazing friends a girl can ask for. They tell me what I need to hear not what I want to hear.
6. I am grateful to all of my Arcadia professors,  all of whom have helped me grow professionally as well as personally.
7. Lastly I am thankful to God for giving me the direction I needed in my life. Without his presence in my life I’m not sure where I would be.

I am so truly thankful for this particular assignment because it is very rare that I get to think about everything I’m grateful for and what I appreciate in my life. So thank you Professor for this assignment it means more to me than you realize
Enjoy your week everyone.
Amy T.

Amy T.

My Journey

As usual I forgot to post a  blog this week so here it goes. My journey to get to this point as been amazing but slow,  I find myself questioning everything I can for my classes ,how does this work? I also find myself asking where I will end up at the end of my journey. Will I be an amazing reading specialist? or will I mess up someone’s child? When I started this journey I had no idea that I wanted to be a teacher or that I would love to read as much as I do, but I hope that I am as amazing as my own teachers.

Amy T.

#S7S Take 2

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had an amazing Valentines day and are going to enjoy your Presidents day. Today I am so excited to share my week with everyone.

1. I appreciate getting the amazing chance to meet several people in our class this past Friday Evening.

2. I appreciate the chance that I get to discover through our posts, and through our collaborative learning that I have discovered that trying to explain to young children what technology is and connected learning is trying to tell them that the world is round.

3. I appreciate the posts from my classmates, with many different quote. A friend of mine taught me a valuable lesson in one quote : “Life as a teacher begins the day you realize you are always learner”. I connect with this post on so many levels. As a teacher my students teach me new things everyday. As a Student my Teachers teach me new things everytime we meet, and it simply amazes me and moves me everyday.

4. I appreciate my Professors input in very many ways without their guidance I would not be the student I am today.

5. I appreciate that with my working hands I can give back to my community in so many ways, but with my 2 working hands I can give my crying student a hug, or teach her that 4 toy gorillas is the same weight as 24 toy bananas.

6. I appreciate that I am able to meet new people in my class each week to teach me something new related to technology. I.E. Book hacking, game hacking, book jams, techquity, and Connected learning.

7. Last but Certainly not least, I appreciate that with everyday my students ask me a question and I am able to answer it because I actually get to tell them that the world is round and watch the reaction on their faces. I can teach them book hacks, and games and connected learning and tell them they can talk to their family in another country.

I love Technology, and the power it gives to child learners.

I hope everyone has an amazing week, and that Everyone is well.

Amy T.

My First Book Hack

Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is doing well this week so far. This week for me has been amazing. I will complete my first full week at work this week and I feel like I truly got through to my kids. I have spend the last few days reading to them and playing different games with them. I truly love my job. Onto another note, I did my first Book Hack this week and I am so happy with our result, it bought so many different thoughts and it felt good to change the story completely. In my book we took a book that was for little boys and changed it to a book for girls and women. The gender stereotype needs to be changed and stopped, and I truly cannot wait to be apart of that change.  I felt our story  was a success. I also have started to discover different ideas that I can use in my classroom .  We also discussed in my ED.677  remakes. The book chosen was Girl Rising. Having not read the book I didn’t know what it was about but the remakes made have made me want to. My favorite remake is when the girls defies her father and tells him she will not be  a statistic. I hope to continue to with book hacks as well as remakes because what better to encourage reading than giving the children a chance to change the ending to their liking?

as you can see we just changed words and pictures around as we didn't have a lot of time.
as you can see we just changed words and pictures around as we didn’t have a lot of time.

Enjoy your Weekend, and Happy Valentines Day,

P.S. If the first 2 pictures didn’t load can someone please let me know? Im having some issues with WordPress. Thank you

Amy T.

Search 7 Sundays take 1

I have had an amazing first week of work. I am excited to start week 2. So before I start here is my Search 7 Sundays.

1) I appreciate “Losing the Game” as I have at least 8 times since I’ve learned of the game on Wednesday night.

2) I appreciate Learning to play everyday in a classroom as a way to teach my students.

3) I appreciate the article that Christina posted about Learning being a privilege, It has given me a chance to think about many different things and how to try and change the way people think.

4) I appreciate the writer of the article that wrote the article Entitled The importance of a name by Valerie Strauss, I find it important to realize the advocates for Education, and the educational system.

5) I appreciate all the teachers in my life, and how they have all motivated me to become the person I am. How they have all pushed me to persevere and keep going everytime I wanted to give up.

6) I appreciate Chad Sansing, for all his ideas on games in the classroom, and all the game ideas he has given me, I can not wait to try scratch.

7) I appreciate the idea of a book hack. I love that I can take apart books from several different locations and make new ones, And use them in my new classrooms with the kids in my class. I truly can not wait to try a book hack in a high school and see what happens 🙂

Hope everyone has an amazing week ahead, and Remember to PLAY!!!!

Amy T.

Playing and Learning

Today, I got to experience my first day of work in a school classroom. Now In my class I am the substitute paraprofessional, working with 3 to 5 year olds, with special needs. But in the 8 hours I was in this class room I learned so much. Children learn from watching you play. So today we played the Alphabet game, the color game, as well as the shape game. The kids in my class loved their reading books, They all wanted to read when they were supposed to be napping.  The connection I see is that Without demonstration children may not be able to learn. I found that within my classroom today the kids I was with wanted you to show them what to do and they would do the same thing. It was almost like a game of mother may I. I also think that is how children become so creative, If you give them the option to create a master piece out of building blocks, than that is what they would give you, their version of a master piece. I am looking forward to working with this class again, I think they are very special children and they are really sweet.

Feeling Blessed, and amazed,

Amy T.